Download the curriculum outline below:

Curriculum Outline – Mathematics

Please note that the curriculum outline is subjected to amendments without prior notice.

The curriculum outline is prepared in accordance with the 4016 Mathematics Syllabus.


We will be revising our Curriculum Outline next year, so as to ensure that our Curriculum Outline aligns with the 4048 Syllabus. This syllabus will be effective from 2016. The 4048 syllabus focuses more on applications (e.g. recipes, floor plans).


Download the summary for Mathematics:

Math Summary


Download the list of Mathematical formulae that will be provided for Examination:

Mathematics Formulae


Statistical Calculation is a relatively important topic in Mathematics, and students are required to be familiarised with the calculation of mean and standard deviation for both grouped data and ungrouped data. Download the procedures to calculate mean and standard deviation using calculator (referred model: Casio fx-96 SG PLUS)

Finding Mean and Standard Deviation of Data using a Calculator (Casio fx96 SG PLUS)


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