The curriculum of Geography is prepared in accordance with the 2236 Geography Syllabus.

The curriculum of Geography (Elective) is prepared in accordance with the 2204 Combined Humanities Syllabus.



Students should be able to score well for Geography / Geography (Elective) if they follow the suggestions below:

  1. Pay attention in classes. By paying attention in classes, students should be able to understand the concept taught by teachers. Sometimes, teachers will have interesting facts or memory techniques to share with the class, so as to make the subject easier and more interesting.
  2. Complete all assignments. Assignments are one of the way to assess student’s understanding on a concept.
  3. Participate in Geographical Investigations. Geographical Investigations should be interesting, and participating in Geographical Investigation and understand ‘what is going on’ definitely helps in the section ‘Geographical Investigation’ in examinations.
  4. Clarify any doubts. After teachers have completed a topic, if students have any doubts, they should clarify with their teachers at the earliest opportunity.
  5. Source for good notes. Good notes should be available from the teachers (‘daily lecture notes’). Quality notes should also be available online.
  6. Write own notes. This will retain information effectively in the students.
  7.  Practice. As the examinations are approaching, it is likely that teachers will provide students with examination papers. Although it is likely that these papers will not be graded, it is advisable that students practice this paper. Remember the saying: Practice makes Perfect.
  8. After practising, add on to own notes. This will make the notes more informative, and the content added in may just be assessed during examinations. Students may like to have their notes checked by teacher, so as to ensure that they are learning the correct concepts.
  9. Revise. Before the paper itself, revise using personal  notes, especially for the topics that students are weaker in.

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