SOCIAL STUDIES – Multi-Ethnic Conflicts in Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland

This topic is taught in Secondary 3 Social Studies.

After the completion of this topic, students will appreciate that the causes of the conflicts in the two societies are different, hence students must be able to describe and explain all the factors (9 in total, for both case studies) that ultimately lead to the conflict. This is very important, as students need to be familiarised with skills to construct explanations so as to score well for Structured Essay Questions.

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Download the documents:

SEQ – Multi-Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka

SEQ – Multi-Ethnic Conflict in Northern Ireland


SOCIAL STUDIES – Structured Essay Question on Multi-Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka

Practice Structured-Essay Question: Multi-Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka

Total: 20 marks

Explain how each of the following lead to the Multi-Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka.

  1. Citizenship Rights
  2. ‘Singhala-Only’ Policy
  3. University Admission Criteria
  4. Resettlement

Which one do you think is more significant? Explain your answer.

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