PHYSICS – Key Formulae and Notations of Current Electricity

Students will find the section on Electricity & Magnetism the most difficult one in the entire Physics Syllabus, as compared to other sections. This section consists of the following topics:

  • static electricity
  • current electricity
  • D.C. circuits
  • practical electricity
  • magnetism
  • electromagnetism
  • electromagnetic induction

The document below summarises the key formulae and notations in Current Electricity. Students are expected to be familiarised with these formulae and notations, as students very often need to apply these concepts in their examination, usually in calculation. Please note that the concepts of this topic is not covered in the document below, but only the key formulae and notations.

Download the document:

Current Electricity Summary


MATHEMATICS – Cartesian Coordinates & Graphs of Linear Functions

This is a relatively short topic, and teachers can usually complete this topic within a week. The document below concludes the content in these two topics, which are associated.

Download the document:

Math Coordinate Geometry & Graphs of Linear Functions

ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS – Sketching Graphs of Modulus Functions

In assessments, candidates taking Additional Mathematics are often required to sketch Graphs of Modulus Functions. The document attached summarises the procedures to sketch a graph of a modulus function.

Download the document:

Sketching Graphs of Modulus Functions

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SOCIAL STUDIES – Multi-Ethnic Conflicts in Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland

This topic is taught in Secondary 3 Social Studies.

After the completion of this topic, students will appreciate that the causes of the conflicts in the two societies are different, hence students must be able to describe and explain all the factors (9 in total, for both case studies) that ultimately lead to the conflict. This is very important, as students need to be familiarised with skills to construct explanations so as to score well for Structured Essay Questions.

You may email us your answer at, and we will provide comments for your answer, based on the Level of Response Mark Scheme.

Download the documents:

SEQ – Multi-Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka

SEQ – Multi-Ethnic Conflict in Northern Ireland

BIOLOGY – Practice Question on Hormones

‘Hormones’ is a topic that is likely to be covered in Secondary 4 Biology / Science (Biology). Students taking Biology are required to relate the concepts learnt in this topic to the topic ‘Homeostasis’. Emphasis will be placed in the role of two hormones (specifically insulin and glucagon) in the regulation of blood glucose level.

Students may find this topic relatively easy, as the content for this topic is relatively ‘light’. The document below contain a specimen practice questions, that requires students to simply recall. In examination, do expect questions that require inference of data.

Download the document:

Hormones – Practice Question 1