MATHEMATICS – Statistical Calculations using Calculators

Mean and Standard Deviation are two statistical calculations that are important for GCE ‘O’ Level Mathematics, especially Paper 2.

The formulae for mean and standard deviation are provided for Mathematics Papers. However, the formulae require many calculation, which can in turn lead to confusion in the midst of calculation. A simpler, faster and more reliable way is to use the scientific calculator.

The instructions for using calculator to find mean and standard deviation of a group of data is available for download. Do take note that the instruction is specifically for Casio fx-96 SG PLUS, which is a common calculator model used by GCE ‘O’ Level candidates. For candidates using other models of scientific calculators, please refer to the manual of the calculator or consult other reliable sources.

Download the notes:

Finding Mean and Standard Deviation of Data using a Calculator (Casio fx96 SG PLUS)


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